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Our legal transcription services in USA are quick, secure, professional and within budget. Our team’s vast experience of over 15 years helps us in providing accurate legal transcription.

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Deposition Transcription

Optimum accuracy across files is ensured with trained and ears adept to audio and video recordings.

Memorandum Transcription

Reduce the bulk of paperwork and costly overheads through for quality memorandum transcription services.

Court Proceding Transcription

Get verbatim transcripts for optimum and efficient handling of court cases by specialized legal transcription services.

Others Legal Matters

Our diverse and flexible legal transcription services ensure timely delivery across United States.

Best Legal Transcription Services in New York & USA

Accuracy is the most important benchmark of any legal transcript, be it verbatim or non-verbatim. American Transcription Services has a team of over 50 highly experienced transcribers adept at transcribing and meeting the accuracy benchmark of over 99%. We are considered to be among the best legal transcription companies in New York and across USA.

Our experienced team of transcribers are providing best legal transcription services in USA for many years. We understand the relevance of accuracy in legal transcripts as it is one of the most significant factor for determining the outcome of any court case. Hence, our processes are designed in a manner to ensure that we comply with our stringent quality benchmark of 99% and above. Our expertise in legal terminology gives us edge over other deposition transcription companies.

Our Expertise

Our legal transcribers have expertise in understanding many accents including Ebonics. This exposure along with knowledge of legal terminologies and jargons help in attaining optimum accuracy in legal transcripts within the TAT required.

American Transcription Services realizes the relevance of confidentiality in legal transcription, hence, we have deployed a number of internal and external security measures. These include using strong passwords, McAfee firewall/antivirus and anti-malware softwares, regular software updates, taking regular backups in external hard drives, CCTV surveillance, and many more. We have signed Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clientss.

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