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American Transcription Services offers high quality interview transcription services. Our services are quick, secure, reliable, professional and budget-friendly. We deploy stringent data security measures. Call: +1 888-504-7012 for free sample.


Our team comprises of experienced business transcriptionists who keep themselves abreast with the business world.


Quick turnaround and quality market research transcription services to researchers and corporate across America.


Our strong team of research interview transcription services provides to the point transcription for effective analysis.


Strong team of general transcriptionists for verbatim, non-verbatim, overlapped dialogues, multiple speakers, and much more.

Our Expertise

Our interview transcription team have tremendous listening skills with exceptional command over the English language. Our team of interview transcriptionists understand diverse accents easily. These include:

  • American Accent
  • British Accent
  • Ebonics Accent
  • Australian Accent
  • Chinese Accent

The members of our interview transcription team has 15 years plus experience in this domain. We undertake transcription assignments for all types of recordings including:

  • Multiple Speakers
  • Telephone Recordings
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Interviews conducted in open or crowded places like restaurants, exhibitions, etc

Our team has expertise in transcribing interviews in all subjects. Our team size and experience allow us to assign interview transcripts having critical vocabulary to specialists in our team to ensure quality transcription service and standards. We transcribe interviews in various subjects including:

  • Media
  • Medical
  • Technology
  • Research
  • Biography

To experience our quality transcription service, mail us at or call +1-888-504-7012 (Toll Free).


Our Benefits

  • 99% Plus Accuracy, Refer to Quality Policy
  • US Based Company
  • Absolute Free Sample
  • Quick Turnaround Time, 4 Hours Onwards
  • Single Point 24x7x365 Access
  • Stringent Data Security Norms
  • 100% Manual Transcription
Quality Policy
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60% Cost Savings


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Be it focus groups, business interviews, market research interviews, taken face to face or telephonically, we ensures accurate and timely transcripts.

Our Secure, Quick, & Quality Medical Transcription Services provide professional and affordable medical transcription to individual physicians, clinics, hospitals, and MTSOs each time on time.

Get your interviews, lectures and researches transcribed. We assure high quality, safe and secure services coupled with economical rates to scholars, researchers and authors.